CBD Prices are Headed Down

CBD Prices are Headed Down Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the world is constantly changing. With global pandemics come some economic uncertainty. Like most industries, the CBD industry is feeling the economic impact of COVID-19. The industry has begun to pivot their products to those who are struggling economically.  CBD at a Better Price  How drastic are the CBD prices falling? It is a near free-fall. The average price of CBD has dropped by nearly 80 percent from April of last year to April of 2020. CBD prices have decreased from $38 a pound to $8.10 per pound according to a… Read More

CBD Can Help You Stop Smoking Weed

Reading that headline might be confusing, that’s understandable. Reading it produces a few questions. Let’s dive into it.  Lay Off The Weed  It is often said that marijuana is not an addictive drug. However, 22 million people worldwide are so dependent on it that it influences their everyday life. More specifically, 6 million people in the United States suffer from marijuana use disorder.  Instead of Smoking Choose CBD  One question remains, how does using CBD make things any different. To begin explaining this, we’ll use an ice cream analogy.  Say you want to eat ice cream but you’re afraid of… Read More

Scientist Call for More Studies Regarding CBD & COVID-19

Scientist Call for More Studies Regarding CBD & COVID-19 Some big news regarding the coronavirus pandemic and the CBD industry has recently surfaced. According to the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, researchers now believe CBD could diminish lethal lung inflammation.  In the most severe cases of those suffering from the coronavirus, lung inflammation leads to pneumonia. Pneumonia is very troublesome, to say the least, for those who suffer from weakened immune systems. One of the main reasons researchers have advised to explore CBD treatments to a further extent is the lack of side effects.  CBD as… Read More

Make Sure You’re Not Getting Fooled By CBD Companies

Make Sure You're Not Getting Fooled by CBD Companies It is time for CBD users to take a closer look at the products they are currently using. All CBD products are not created equal, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.  On July 8th, the FDA sent a letter to Congress reporting the outcome of an investigation on CBD products required by congressional appropriations. The investigation reached the conclusion that some CBD companies aren’t being 100% honest about what is in their products.  Who’s Lying?  The answer to that question is simple: a lot of them. The investigation… Read More