Service Members May Use CBD

Some major news has emerged for those in the military that wish to explore the possibilities of CBD or may already be doing so. The House of Representatives recently gave the thumbs up to an amendment allowing service members to utilize products that may contain hemp or CBD. The measure does however state that the crop must meet federal definitions of hemp.

Along with allowing service members to use CBD products, individuals that may have previously admitted to marijuana use or may have received a misdemeanor marijuana offense conviction will be permitted to reenlist.

Separately, a bill dubbed the “Hemp for Victory Act” will require research on everything from the use of hemp food items for public school lunches to the possible therapeutic benefit of crop extracts for veterans that are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and even the ability to remove nuclear site pollutants.

During February, the Defense Department declared a policy that would prohibit all active and reserve members from making use of marijuana products, including CBD. The memo recognizes that cannabis has been legalized but it said the perils of access to goods that could contain excess THC are too high.

To read more, please visit https://www.marijuanamoment. net/congress-approves-measure- allowing-cbd-use-by-military- service-members/ .

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