Congress Votes to Allow Service Members to Use CBD

Congress Votes to Allow Military Service Members to Use CBD 

In what is big news for those serving both domestic and abroad, the House of Representatives approved an amendment this week that permits the use of CBD products by military service members. 

The bill was spearheaded by former presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). The bill states that the Secretary of defense cannot prohibit the use of products containing hemp or any product that is derived from hemp. It is fair game as long as the product meets the federal standards of hemp. The bill passed in the House by a 336-71 vote. The measure also allows the heads of military branches to release reenlistment waivers for service members that have admitted to using marijuana or who were once convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana offense. 

The Military’s Back and Forth with CBD 

It has been a back and forth between military powers when it comes to allowing service members to use CBD. The Department of Defense (DOD) announced a policy in February that prohibited all members from both active and reserve from using hemp products. The DOD argued that even though Hemp was legalized domestically, the products came with great risk because of the potential exposure to an excess of THC.

 It is not only the armed forces that are speculative of CBD products. Believe it or not, NASA has also warned their employees of the use of CBD products. The worry is that the CBD products may contain a prohibited amount of THC and can result in a failure of a drug test which would result in the employee losing their job. 

While the military and various government organizations struggle with the back and forth of letting their members use CBD, the answer to this dilemma may be organic CBD. There are many all-natural CBD companies that have tested products that have zero THC. 

It would not be a surprise if the branches of the military mandated that their members needed to buy organic CBD so they could reap all the benefits of CBD without being exposed to the risk of THC.