Can CBD Help Battle Cocaine Addiction 

Can CBD Help Battle Cocaine Addiction 

What if one of the best ways to attack cocaine addiction was by using marijuana? Well, not exactly. Recently, scientists have been studying 14 investigations from the last 5 years in which animals that consumed cocaine were administered CBD. 

Choosing CBD Over Cocaine  

According to the studies, CBD diminishes the likelihood that a person will choose to use cocaine. This is beyond preference, the science actually backs it up. CBD interferes with the dopamine that the brain releases. It also reduces the amount of reward stimulation that the brain releases. 

To put it in more simple terms, CBD rewrites the code in your brain. It changes the memory that accompanies cocaine in the brain. CBD also limits neuroadaptations, hepatotoxicity, and seizures that are induced by cocaine. 

Using CBD as Therapy? 

Even though scientists are excited at the prospect of using CBD as a therapeutic medicine for cocaine use, it is still too early to make any final determinations. It is important to remember that all of the studies that have been conducted were animal trials. The good news, however, is that animal trials usually carry over well to human trials when it comes to CBD. 

This is the latest example of CBD being studied as another potential answer to a health issue. Since the Farm Bill was enacted in 2018, there has been a steady stream of interest when it comes to whether or not CBD is beneficial. 

While the experts run the test and figure out the science behind the magic, the general public is encouraged to buy CBD products and see for themselves. It’s recommended by scientist to use organic CBD. With the floodgates of the CBD industry being opened, using all-natural CBD is usually a safe bet.