Scientist Call for More Studies Regarding CBD & COVID-19

Scientist Call for More Studies Regarding CBD & COVID-19

Some big news regarding the coronavirus pandemic and the CBD industry has recently surfaced. According to the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, researchers now believe CBD could diminish lethal lung inflammation. 

In the most severe cases of those suffering from the coronavirus, lung inflammation leads to pneumonia. Pneumonia is very troublesome, to say the least, for those who suffer from weakened immune systems. One of the main reasons researchers have advised to explore CBD treatments to a further extent is the lack of side effects. 

CBD as a Therapeutic Treatment 

Along with the race to invent a vaccine for COVID-19 is the effort to come up with a therapeutic treatment for the disease. Scientists have explored many different treatments but many of them come with adverse side effects such as pancreatitis. As a result, the patient would be more vulnerable to health risks such as heart disease and stroke. As of now, CBD carries no similar risk. 

CBD Can Help You Relax In Times of Uncertainty 

As researchers scramble to figure out whether CBD can help those currently battling the coronavirus, the answers are already out for those struggling to keep their head on straight during this odd time. 

It is normal for people to experience stress and anxiety during regular times. It is even more understandable once you incorporate a global pandemic. Thankfully, organic CBD helps alleviate anxiety issues. 

Not only have Americans become more cognizant of their hygiene during the pandemic, but they have also started to buy CBD as a way to battle coronavirus-induced stress. In times like these, it is important to make sure you’re not buying CBD from a mediocre company looking to make a quick buck. It is important to get all-natural CBD from a proven company that has your mental health as a top priority.