CBD Benefits for Seniors

CBD continues to prove itself useful for people of virtually any age, but seniors are particularly adept at potentially benefiting from using it every day. Besides anxiety and pain relief, CBD may also help with other things when it comes to seniors. We’ll dive into two of these benefits a little deeper today. As a result of factors like aging and changes in hormones, seniors may find themselves struggling to sleep or may even be dealing with issues like insomnia. Because they don’t get as much sleep as someone of younger age, the poor sleep could lead to negative health… Read More

Storing CBD

Due to the many benefits CBD may offer, it has become immensely popular. Studies have shown that cannabidiol may aid some medical conditions, both physical and mental. How you store your CBD plays a role in how well its benefits can be enjoyed. Storing the oil properly prevents its compounds from degrading. Most labels on CBD products, especially oils, state “keep in a cool and dark place”, but this does not necessarily mean you need to keep it refrigerated. Keeping your cannabidoil stored in a pantry or cupboard that remains cool, yet not cold is the best place to store… Read More

Aromatherapy With CBD Oil

Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant extracts to promote health and overall well being. The treatment is accomplished by using aromatic essential oils, therefore it is often referred to as essential oil therapy. Over the years these essential oils have been used to improve the state of the mind and body and are used in some spiritual practices and in spa facilities. The use of essential oils at home has become widely popular, and it's fairly inexpensive. Cannabidiol or CBD, has rapidly become a popular essential oil in the market. The plant extract has many claimed healing properties and… Read More

Talk to Your Doctor About Your CBD Usage

Ongoing CBD trials and studies may continue to show its many benefits, but what if there are scenarios where it doesn’t help? According to a recent AmericanMarijuana.org survey, just over thirty percent of consumers of CBD had not divulged to their doctor that they were using CBD due to the stigma attached to it. Yet, there are several valid reasons why should inform them. For one, you may not need to take such an elevated dosage of opioid medication. While CBD isn’t meant to be a substitution for CBD, a doctor may decide to cut down the opioid dosage if… Read More

Service Members May Use CBD

Some major news has emerged for those in the military that wish to explore the possibilities of CBD or may already be doing so. The House of Representatives recently gave the thumbs up to an amendment allowing service members to utilize products that may contain hemp or CBD. The measure does however state that the crop must meet federal definitions of hemp. Along with allowing service members to use CBD products, individuals that may have previously admitted to marijuana use or may have received a misdemeanor marijuana offense conviction will be permitted to reenlist. Separately, a bill dubbed the “Hemp… Read More