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CBD And The Benefits It Has For Your Hair

CBD has become very popular in recent months. It's used for a variety of reasons and treatments from skincare to relieving stress and more. Haircare is no exception from the benefits of CBD. CBD or cannabidiol contains nutrients that promote hair growth. The scalp absorbs nutrients such as omega-3, Gamma linoleic acids, fatty acids and others to boost natural hair growth. Along with being able to achieve long locks, CBD helps protect and strengthen your hair. Since hair strands are made out of protein most salons will always recommend a protein based treatment to strengthen the weak or broken strands.… Read More

CBD May Help Cut Down on Marijuana Dependency

As with anything else, people’s bodies react differently to the effects of any substance, cannabis included. For some people, they may become dependent on the use of cannabis, resulting in withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia or irritability if they go without it too long. While there is no existing treatment for what could be termed cannabis use disorder, some new research suggests the non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) may prove useful in assisting people with decreasing their cannabis dependence. A Lancet Psychiatry study involved more than eighty participants trying to reduce their dependence on marijuana. Each participant received distinct degrees of medical-grade… Read More

CBD for Avid Surfers

Surfing is an exciting yet physically demanding activity. From paddling into the strong waves to maneuvering the surfboard and the punishing rays of the sunshine bearing down on the body, it can take a toll on your body. The answer to a fun, demanding day on the wave may be CBD. CBD can help the body reset, relaxing the exerted muscles and joints, with the bonus of also assisting with mental fatigue. That may be among the reasons why it’s being widely adopted among surfers of different skill levels. Through the use of CBD tinctures, capsules, and balms, performance on… Read More

New Program Aims for Better Labeling

One of the major issues when purchasing CBD products from certain vendors or stores is that the product labeling doesn’t always reflect what’s inside. Some products may contain very little traces of CBD despite what the product label says while others may have traces of THC, the ingredient that causes psychoactive effects. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is now looking to do something about it. It recently launched a program dubbed the Cannabis Quality Assurance program aimed at assisting laboratories with accurately measuring essential compounds found in cannabis-based products like hemp and marijuana. In turn, laboratories can… Read More

Talk to Your Doctor About Your CBD Usage

Ongoing CBD trials and studies may continue to show its many benefits, but what if there are scenarios where it doesn’t help? According to a recent survey, just over thirty percent of consumers of CBD had not divulged to their doctor that they were using CBD due to the stigma attached to it. Yet, there are several valid reasons why should inform them. For one, you may not need to take such an elevated dosage of opioid medication. While CBD isn’t meant to be a substitution for CBD, a doctor may decide to cut down the opioid dosage if… Read More

Service Members May Use CBD

Some major news has emerged for those in the military that wish to explore the possibilities of CBD or may already be doing so. The House of Representatives recently gave the thumbs up to an amendment allowing service members to utilize products that may contain hemp or CBD. The measure does however state that the crop must meet federal definitions of hemp. Along with allowing service members to use CBD products, individuals that may have previously admitted to marijuana use or may have received a misdemeanor marijuana offense conviction will be permitted to reenlist. Separately, a bill dubbed the “Hemp… Read More

CBD May Help the Fight Against Coronavirus

Could CBD be one of the unsung heroes in helping fight coronavirus? Some preliminary research from the University of Lethbridge and the University of Calgary appears to suggest that certain strains of cannabis may assist with the prevention or treatment of infections related to the coronavirus. Scientists at the University of Lethbridge worked to produce well over 700 novel cannabis sativa lines and extracts under a government research license. Cannabis sativa strains are rich in CBD, one of the main anti-inflammatory chemicals used in cannabis. Their research led them to determine that certain extracts rich in CBD can be leveraged… Read More

CBD Use with Weight Loss

A common goal shared by many is the quest to lose weight and become healthier. A proper diet and exercise arguably remain the most effective ways to achieve a weight loss goal, but for many, it’s an intensive process that is easier said than done. If you're planning to take CBD to manage your weight, you might be on the right course provided you’re using the CBD as a complement to a diet and exercise program. Scientists currently think CBD promotes weight loss regardless of how it functions in the human body. From the moment a human is born, the… Read More

Hawaii Proposes Regulations on CBD

Hawaii is becoming one of the latest states to clamp down on CBD and consumable hemp products. The state is proposing several regulations, following in the footsteps of other states like Virginia and Texas that have also suggested certain regulations after the FDA largely decided not to regulate CBD itself. Hawaii’s HB 2102 would take several notable measures. For one, a hemp processor registry would be established for any products derived from hemp. Hemp processors and retailers would not be allowed to make any health claims regarding their hemp claims that are deemed unwarranted. Furthermore, the sale of any hemp… Read More

The Rise of CBD Gummies

Parents of young children already have enough on their plate as it is balancing daily responsibilities as well as ensuring children are attending virtual classes each day. Combine that with the added stresses of the pandemic and it’s easy to understand why some are turning to CBD gummies as a way to deal with the stress. According to a Detroit Free Press article, anxiety is among the major reasons why people are choosing to purchase CBD gummies. These gummies can create a calming effect and, depending on where you choose to purchase them from, they contain very little to no… Read More