U.S. Navy Extends Its CBD Ban

Just a couple of months ago, the United States Navy made it clear that it did not want its sailors and Marines to use products with hemp or cannabidiol (CBD). The naval warfare service is now elaborating on this by extending the ban to products like CBD-based shampoos and lotions.

As for the justification for the ban, the Navy states that it wishes to protect members from the possibility of being exposed to tetrahydrocannabinol, better known by its THC acronym. THC may negatively affect a sailor from being ready for a mission and it may even lead to disqualification from the service. The Navy also cites the lack of information of knowing just how much THC a product may contain due to the poor labeling.

CBD is the chemical present in hemp and marijuana plants, and while CBD is extracted from marijuana, the use of hemp-derived CBD is easier for businesses since the extract is legal in all states. But while it’s legal, it’s uncontrolled, which means challenging health claims that might appear on labels is essential.

Healthcare staff who work long hours find CBD beneficial for restorative sleep pain and fatigue, low back and neck pain and panic attacks. Studies have also shown that CBD may assist with drug addiction, and may also have the ability to help opioid abusers prevent a relapse by cutting down on anxiety and cravings.

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