The Rise of CBD Gummies

Parents of young children already have enough on their plate as it is balancing daily responsibilities as well as ensuring children are attending virtual classes each day. Combine that with the added stresses of the pandemic and it’s easy to understand why some are turning to CBD gummies as a way to deal with the stress.

According to a Detroit Free Press article, anxiety is among the major reasons why people are choosing to purchase CBD gummies. These gummies can create a calming effect and, depending on where you choose to purchase them from, they contain very little to no THC, the ingredient commonly associated with making someone feel “high”. Even gummies from reputable companies that have THC in their product typically do not contain an amount sufficient enough to cause these feelings.

CBD gummies may also help people that are looking to move away from the use of medications often prescribed for anxiety, like Xanax, for example. However, anyone currently taking medication for anxiety or depression should make sure that they discuss the decision with their doctor and receive clearance before moving forward.

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