Talk to Your Doctor About Your CBD Usage

Ongoing CBD trials and studies may continue to show its many benefits, but what if there are scenarios where it doesn’t help? According to a recent survey, just over thirty percent of consumers of CBD had not divulged to their doctor that they were using CBD due to the stigma attached to it. Yet, there are several valid reasons why should inform them.

For one, you may not need to take such an elevated dosage of opioid medication. While CBD isn’t meant to be a substitution for CBD, a doctor may decide to cut down the opioid dosage if the patient is using CBD.

Despite its many benefits, CBD has side effects like anything else, such as fatigue. It’s important for your doctor to know whether it’s CBD that may be causing the side effects versus something else, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions regarding your plan of care.

Remember that if CBD is working for you, letting your doctor know could help them with better assisting other patients by tweaking their treatments. Being upfront with your doctor is much better than trying to hide something that may be helping you both.

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