Storing CBD

Due to the many benefits CBD may offer, it has become immensely popular. Studies have shown that cannabidiol may aid some medical conditions, both physical and mental.

How you store your CBD plays a role in how well its benefits can be enjoyed. Storing the oil properly prevents its compounds from degrading.

Most labels on CBD products, especially oils, state “keep in a cool and dark place”, but this does not necessarily mean you need to keep it refrigerated. Keeping your cannabidoil stored in a pantry or cupboard that remains cool, yet not cold is the best place to store your product to maintain its viscosity.

Keeping your CBD in an area that is exposed to frequent light and warmth can lead to bacterial growth in the substance. Places you should avoid leaving your CBD oil in or near include:

  • Don’t store your CBD near a window

  • Don’t keep your CBD near a stove or oven (any heat source)

  • Don’t leave your CBD in your car (or any other vehicle)

This is not to say your oil can never see the light of day, it just means to keep it away from intense frequent exposure to light or areas that have high heat temperatures.

You should always make sure the lid of your CBD oil is fully closed and out of the reach of children and pets. Exposing your oil to too much oxygen will cause the chemical balance to change, affecting its properties. Always make sure the lid is sealed properly before storing it.

Cool temperatures prevent mold and bacteria from forming, but extremely cold temperatures can cause the substance to become too thick.

Contacting the company that you have purchased your CBD product from can assure you on how to properly store it, as CBD products range in ingredients that benefit from different storing methods.

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