Mouth Strips May Be the Next CBD Frontier

As CBD continues to gain mainstream acceptance and more research is done into the health benefits, many people want to try it but in some scenarios, there remains the slight lingering aftertaste some would deem “hempy”.

Now that CBD is used in everything from oils to tinctures and candy, the latest frontier is oral strips. You may recall the breath strips that one would place on the tongue and then dissolve. These CBD strips function much the same way. They are comprised of a thin, water-soluble “paper” layer that dissolves and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream upon coming into contact with water or one’s saliva. Besides allowing a person to experience the effects of CBD almost instantaneously versus having to wait for the digestive process, the strips may also assist with improving breath.

Not only can oral strips provide fast-acting relief, but they also provide the ideal dose of CBD in each strip. Each CBD strip contains 15 mg of cannabidiol isolate, and they are THC-free, so often they can help sustain healthy sleep habits, inflammation recovery, and regaining a sense of calm or concentration.

CBD strips can serve as a great complement to other products like tinctures that are consumed sublingually. Should you need more information on the differences, please check out the CBD Mag website.

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