Make Sure You’re Not Getting Fooled By CBD Companies

Make Sure You’re Not Getting Fooled by CBD Companies

It is time for CBD users to take a closer look at the products they are currently using. All CBD products are not created equal, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. 

On July 8th, the FDA sent a letter to Congress reporting the outcome of an investigation on CBD products required by congressional appropriations. The investigation reached the conclusion that some CBD companies aren’t being 100% honest about what is in their products. 

Who’s Lying? 

The answer to that question is simple: a lot of them. The investigation included testing 147 different CBD products. Of those 147 products, 138 claimed to have CBD in it. Shockingly, only two of those products actually included CBD. Those results paint an accurate picture of an industry that is rapidly growing and doesn’t seem to have too much regulation. Let’s take a closer look at the results. 

The test also revealed that not only did these companies lie that they had CBD but many of them even claimed to have a specific amount. More than 100 of the 147 products were said to have a certain amount of CBD but actually had zero. Less than half of the products tested in the investigation were nowhere close to having the CBD they claimed they had. 

Check the Labels and Do Your Research 

As was stated earlier, the CBD industry is extremely saturated, so the 147 products used in the investigation cannot speak for the rest of the pack. Even the study itself admitted that this is the first of many tests and that it is way too early to draw conclusions for the marketplace as a whole. However, a lesson has been learned. Do your research when you buy CBD

Avoid the Questionable CBD Brands and Go All-Natural

A way to try and avoid the messiness of the CBD industry is to choose a company that has years of expertise in the profession. Also choosing to go with organic CBD is always a safer bet. All-natural CBD usually comes with fewer products especially when they are THC-free.