How Should You Consume CBD?

A perk of consuming CBD beyond its much-discussed benefits is the varied options available when it comes to how to consume it. Tinctures, gummies, these are two of several different ways CBD can be taken. Let’s briefly explore the pros and cons of each.

Capsules provide a good way of knowing just how much of a CBD dosage you’ll be taking, unlike oils or vaping CBD, for example. However, because it is a capsule, it will have to make its way through the body’s digestive system before it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. This means it could also lose a bit of its potency while it makes its journey.

Taking CBD oil sublingually (below the tongue) means that unlike a capsule, the oil will likely be absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker, which means it will do its job faster. However, it can be tricky to determine the dose when the oil is used with a dropper. It may also cause digestive side effects in some people.

CBD creams have been used for relieving joint or muscle pain but research is ongoing. As you might guess, the cream will be absorbed into the skin but since it doesn’t enter the bloodstream, it won’t have the additional perks like enhancing mood.

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