CBD May Help the Fight Against Coronavirus

Could CBD be one of the unsung heroes in helping fight coronavirus? Some preliminary research from the University of Lethbridge and the University of Calgary appears to suggest that certain strains of cannabis may assist with the prevention or treatment of infections related to the coronavirus.

Scientists at the University of Lethbridge worked to produce well over 700 novel cannabis sativa lines and extracts under a government research license. Cannabis sativa strains are rich in CBD, one of the main anti-inflammatory chemicals used in cannabis.

Their research led them to determine that certain extracts rich in CBD can be leveraged by modulating levels of ACE2 (an enzyme) in certain “gateway” tissues to fight Covid-19 infections such as lung, kidney, and nasal tissues, for example. Since the virus is only capable of infecting humans via a receptor (ACE2 being one example), targeting these areas may help decrease of becoming infected.

It’s worth remembering that the research is preliminary and it has yet to be reviewed or verified by peers. However, it does showing promising results and may help further with changing perceptions of cannabis and its capabilities.

To read more, visit https://medcitynews.com/2020/ 07/canadian-researchers- believe-cbd-could-help-to- fight-covid-19-infections/?rf= 1 .

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