A Pair of CBD Pet Benefits

Perhaps you’ve been entertaining thoughts of giving your dog some CBD to help with things like anxiety. While formal studies have yet to be done on the effects, pet-friendly CBD products are being sold and a Google search will reveal plenty of pet owners touting the benefits. Provided you’ve consulted with your veterinarian first, here are a few reasons why you may wish to give your four-legged member of the family some CBD.

CBD helps with pain and inflammation. Already known for its painkiller qualities in humans, CBD may be especially beneficial for older pets, particularly those that experience joint pain. Furthermore, its ability to reduce inflammation could also make life easier for senior dogs.

Stress and anxiety relief. Certain breeds of dogs are known for being anxious and easily stressed, especially those that are accustomed to human contact and don’t like to be left alone. CBD is commonly used for anxiety relief in humans and may help your pooch relax when you leave for work and they have to stay home alone, for example.

Again, make sure to get the all-clear from your veterinarian before proceeding.

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