About CBD Mag

Before we tell you a little more about us, let’s delve into what CBD is all about. It’s safe to say that CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most interesting and innovative compounds the medical and scientific communities are currently researching.

CBD is just a simple acronym for the second most abundant cannabinoid molecule formed within the cannabis (hemp) plant, better known as cannabidiol. Of course, the most abundant molecule is THC: the psychoactive chemicals known for inducing feelings of being “high”. However, it’s important to strongly emphasize that CBD does not cause such effects. It’s also worth noting that your body already has an endocannabinoid system, a highly essential molecular system that is used by your body to control and perform a multitude of important functions.

In addition to the enormous, ongoing amount of research being carried out on CBD as you read this (most of it financed by the U.S. government), anecdotal reports of satisfied CBD users have flooded the Internet and captured significant attention, resulting in a huge proliferation of information. Although anecdotal reviews should always be evaluated with an objective hint of skepticism compared to peer-reviewed scientific research, when you read the testimonials from satisfied CBDMag readers it may prove tricky to contain enthusiasm.

Barely a week goes by these days without some kind of news story or blog post touting and discussing the latest benefits of CBD, and the coverage remains fascinating as clinical trials begin to dig into the mystery of this unusual drug. At CBDMag, we’re all about the ins and outs of CBD and we are dedicated to sharing with you all of its aspects, its benefits, and the research that continues into what it can do for the body and mind. Please bookmark our website as we embark on a journey of following its development and showcasing why it has gained such tremendous adoption.